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Mini SDI Routers

About Matrix Switch Corporation

We manufacture professional digital and analog equipment for video and audio routing and distribution. Applications include critical broadcast, post-production, multimedia, presentation, medical, sports, video assist, mobile trucks, command & control, defense, government, security and private enterprise applications.

Matrix Switch Corporation products are made in the USA.

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Company News

New modular audio router

Our newest product is the MSC-MA64 modular audio router, which offers analog, digital or mixed audio in matrix sizes from 1x127 to 127x1 to 64x64. Features clean and quiet switching, individual volume controls, digital sample rate conversion, SNMP monitoring, support for 3rd party protocols, and more!

2013 Product Changes

Beginning in 2013 Matrix Switch Corporation has discontinued production of 1.5G SDI products, which are now superseded by our 3G models. In addition we have lowered the list prices of most of our 3G models to be at or below our 2012 prices, the net effect being a 3G upgrade at no extra cost. For consistency and future expansion we have renamed many of our models. See the Discontinued and Renamed Products page for details.

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