Analog Audio Routing Switchers

16x16 through 16x256 / 256x16

Analog Audio Routing Switchers - 16x16 through 16x256 / 256x16

Product Information

Matrix Switch Corporation's analog audio routing switchers are available in a variety of configurations and utilize D25 connectors for inputs and outputs at +24DBm and 120dB S/N ratio.

The D25 pinout is compatible with Tascam breakout adapaters to male or female XLR connectors. Adapters are available for converting from D25 connectors to compression screw terminal strips. In addition to low cost Tascam adapters low cost pre-assembled 25 wire cable with D connectors or ribbon cable can be used to install these systems. Drastically cutting down on time and labor costs.

These units are usually combined with other Matrix Switch Corporation video routers. Please Contact Us if you are interested in a standalone analog audio solution.

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Available Models and USA List Prices

Model # Inputs Outputs Size PSU Power Req. USA List Price
MSC-AA1616 16 16 1RU Ext 20VA $2,000 *
MSC-AA1664 16 64 2RU Ext 30VA $5,800 *
MSC-AA3232 32 32 2RU Ext 25VA $5,000 *
MSC-AA3248 32 48 2RU Ext 30VA $5,800 *
MSC-AA4832 48 32 2RU Ext 30VA $5,800 *
MSC-AA6416 64 16 2RU Ext 30VA $5,800 *
MSC-AA6464 64 64 4RU Ext 80VA $13,500 *

* Prices are manufacturer recommended retail prices and are applicable to The USA only.

Note: All of these systems are usually combined with our video routers. Please Contact Us if you are looking for a standalone audio solution.


  • Balanced stereo audio
  • Compact size
  • Rugged frame design
  • Uses reliable 25 pin connectors which are Tascam pinout compatible.
  • +24dB professional I/O


Input impedance >10K Ohms
Nominal input level +8dBm
Maximum input level +24dBm
Overall gain Unity +/-1% into a high impedance load
Frequency response +/-0.1dB to 20Hz to 20KHz
Crosstalk >80dB at 10KHz all hostile
Distortion (THD & IM) <0.1% at 1KHz at nominal signal level
S/N ratio >120dB ref to +24dBm to 20KHz