Distribution Amplifiers

1x4 to 1x16

Distribution Amplifiers - 1x4 to 1x16

Product Information

Matrix Switch Corporation distribution amplifiers combine exceptional performance with value. Their compact size allows for them to be utilized in space constrained situations and all external connections are on the same side making for a clean installation.

Our 4 output models are offered in three different data rates, including: 3G-SDI, ASI/SDI and AES/SPDIF. We also offer a 16 output 3G-SDI distribution amplifier for larger signal distribution applications.

The MSC-HDDA4 and MSC-HDDA16 include 143MBPS, 270MBPS, 1.484GBPS and 2.97GBPS Auto Rate Detection with "Power OK", "Lock" and "HD" indicators. Two MSC-HDDA16 SDI Distribution Amplifiers can be mounted in a 1RU space using the MSC-DA16RA rack adapter, providing wide distribution of one or two SDI signals to 31 or 32 destinations.

The MSC-AES/SPDIF4 is specifically designed for 75 ohm digital audio distribution. It features a wide range input circuit which will accept any level from 100MV P-P up to 5V P-P to produce four individually buffered 1V P-P outputs.

The MSC-SDI/ASI incorporates the same 1,000 foot automatic cable equalizer circuit used in our 3G-SDI distribution amplifiers coupled to four in phase independent output drivers. In addition to prividing the required ASI phase to all outputs, the MSC-SDI/ASI is a very cost effective product for applications using lower SD-SDI rates.

The MSC-MPDA3 can be used for 3G-SDI distribution over Ethernet cable. It has two outputs on BNC connectors and an additional output on an RJ45 connector. Conversion back from Ethernet to standard 75 ohm BNC is achieved by using an identical MSC-MPDA3 at the receiving end. The same Ethernet cable that is used to carry the SDI video signal can also be used to send 12VDC power (at a mere 70ma per amplifier) to more cascaded MSC-MPDA3 devices either upstream or downstream of the MSC-MPDA3 that is powering a string of up to ten in series.

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Available Models and USA List Prices

Model # Inputs Outputs Size Description USA List Price
MSC-MPDA3 2 3 --- 3G/HD/SD SDI Video BNC to RJ-45 Cat-5/Cat-6 Ethernet DA $350 *
MSC-AES/SPDIF4 1 4 --- 4 Output AES/SPDIF Digital Audio DA (10KBPS-20MBPS) $150 *
MSC-SDI/ASI4 1 4 --- 4 Output ASI/SD-SDI Video DA (20MBPS - 270MBPS) $200 *
MSC-HDDA4 1 4 --- 4 Output 3G/HD/SD SDI Video DA $250 *
MSC-DA16RA --- --- --- Rack adapter for two MSC-HDDA16's (two DA's in 1RU) $125 *
MSC-HDDA16 1 16 --- 16 Output 3G/HD/SD-SDI Video DA $800 *
MSC-HDDA16X2RA 1 16 1RU Two MSC-HDDA16's with free MSC-DA16RA 1RU rack adapter $1,600 *

* Prices are manufacturer recommended retail prices and are applicable to The USA only.


  • Compact size. Less than 7 cubic inches for 4 output models.
  • Choice of models supporting three different data rates.
  • Low power consumption of less than 2W.
  • Automatic cable equalization.
  • Auto re-clock / bypass any rate from 10KBPS through 2.97GBPS (3G-SDI models).
  • Power, Lock and HD indicator lights.
  • All connectors on one edge for easy installation.


Input impedance 75 ohms +/- 1%
Input return loss > -15 dB at 1.5GBPS > -12 dB at 2.97GBPS
SDI HD DA Input level 800mV P-P ±20%
AES/SPDIF DA Input level 200mV - 8V P-P
Output impedance 75 ohms +/-1%
Output return loss > -15 dB at 1.5GBPS > -12 dB at 2.97GBPS
SDI HD DA Output level 800mV P-P +/-5%
AES/SPDIF DA Output level 1V P-P +/-5%
HD (1.483 - 2.97GBPS) cable equalization 175m for Belden type 1694A cable at 1.5GBPS 100m for Belden type 1694A cable at 2.97GBPS
AES/SPDIF DA input cable Up to 200m
SDI/HD DA Embedded audio Clean pass through